Author Topic: Brief. Pastuh opened brief on 03/26/2021.

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Brief. Pastuh opened brief on 03/26/2021.
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  • Notice. Pastuh opened brief on 03/26/2021.

    9th Cir. Case Number: 20-17438
    Case Name: Pastuh, et al v. Yahoo! Inc., et al
    Originating Court Information:
    District Case Number: 0971-5 : 5:16-md-02752-LHK

    This document is (as usual) the Translation from Russian into English
    of the Transcribed request originally in verbal form in Russian language.

    The file with this notice of opening the brief by Pastuh
           is attached to the message in EDITGIFT
                                 located at .

    Hello, the Judges of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

    The beginning questions for the brief,
           based on arguments having been prepared by Pastuh in the request “Request for the Order on Releasing
                                                         the territories under the Settlement Class Members from the Governments”
                                                                                                    dated March 19, 2021 (sent on March 26, 2021)
                                                                                                    ( see ),
    addressed to the owners of 204,906,633 e-mail addresses (mostly within the * )
                                                                    successfully operated in the first round of sending Notices,
                     and to the owners of 183,650,398 e-mail addresses (having been used in Security System
                                                                               of the Yahoo accounts, mostly off the * )
                                                  successfully operated in the second round of sending Notices
                                                  (see the “Request for the Order confirming the fact of a lack of Notices”
                     and to approximately 193,000,000 million – (204,906,633 + 183,650,398)
                           putative Settlement Class Members yet not notified via email during the Notice Program
                                         or yet not reported to the Honorable Judge as having been notified successfully
                                                             in the third round of sending Notices (and in the following rounds)
                           but nevertheless having been somehow notified of the Data Breaches,
                                                                          no matter how namely, –
    Brief. ~To understand the logic~
    ( )
              Who of the Plaintiffs have managed to understand the logic
                                                of the formulation of the Settlement Class certification
                                                exactly as it was written in the Notices disseminated via e-mail or published ?

    Brief. ~Still should be applied partially~
    ( )
              Who of the Plaintiffs are sure
                       that the Ruling of the Central Election Committee of Russia Federation
                                    dated March 20, 2020 No. 244/1804-7,
                       and the Ruling of the Central Election Committee of Russia Federation
                                    dated June 2, 2020 No. 250/1840-7”, -
                              not published after July 1, 2020 as the end of the second round of the Voting Operation
                                                                                         on changing the Constitution of Russia Federation
                                              and after July 22, 2020 - the date of adoption of the Order 497
                                                                                      (after closing the court case on July 21, 2020),
                       still should be applied in fulfillment of the Conclusion of the Committee
                                 of the Constitutional Supervision of the USSR on 11/29/1990 No. 12 (2-12)
                                 “Regarding the rules allowing the application of unpublished regulations
                                   on the rights, freedoms and duties of citizens”:
                                  “2. .. the application of the not published acts establishing the rights of citizens,
                                                       including those related to benefits, guarantees and compensations,
                                                       after the expiration of the specified period [for publication]
                                           does not stop.”
                       in spite of the fact of not publishing the specified Rulings
                                                         after the end of the second round of the Voting Operation,

                        being applied to each human, not excluding Settlement Class Members,
                                  partially, in those separate parts of the specified Rulings
                                                 which do establish the rights of the corresponding human, including those
                                                                   related to benefits, guarantees or compensations for the human,
                                                           in own opinion of the corresponding human ?

    Brief. ~Outgrowing to the global war~
    ( )
             Who of the Plaintiffs (or of the Defenders) are dreaming about the continuation
                          of the local wars, having been started in result of adopting the Orders 390 and 497,
                          outgrowing to the global war, especially in case of approval of those criminal Orders
                                                                   by the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ?
              (Such participants should not be included in the list on a side of the Appellant Pastuh
                                                                                 in the header of the updated Document 520,
                                            though may be specified in the list on a side of the Appellees.)

    Thank you.

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    Re: Brief. Pastuh opened brief on 03/26/2021.
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    On 3/29/21, Prose-Pleadings CA09Operation <> wrote:

    > As stated previously to you,
    > on February 16, 2021,
    > the court of appeals dismissed this case for lack of jurisdiction.
    > You have filed a motion for reconsideration.
    > The court of appeals will not file anything else in this case
    > until or unless you are granted leave to be an objector
    >                           or other party in this appeal.
    > You did not receive notice of the court's order
    > dismissing the appeal for lack of jurisdiction
    > because you did not provide the court with a mailing address
    >                       or register for electronic case filing,
    > as the court requested that you do numerous times.
    > The court of appeals did not file anything from the below email.
    > -----Original Message-----
    > Subject: Notice. Pastuh opened brief on 03/26/2021.