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Request for the ELASTIC PRODUCT
« on: July 15, 2020, 12:49:47 AM »
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    Translation from Russian into English
    of the Transcribed text
    of the request originally in verbal form in Russian language
    with partial Interpretation.

    Case No. 16-md-02752-lhk,
    "Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation",
    United States District Court Northern District of California
    San Jose Division,
    Lucy H. Koh, United States District Judge.

    Dear Honorable Judge Lucy H. Koh,

    This request required adding the following Definitions
    (in addition to Definitions in other requests from Pastuh)
    for clarity:
    "PRODUCT" - Public Resource for Obtaining
                the Documents, Ultimately Certified after Translations,
                    which content is accessible
                    and/or which image files are downloadable
                    without a fee and without registration
                         of a HEBREW viewing or downloading documents
                    from Overground(s) visible WORLDWIDE,
                    unless the initiator of a dialogue
                    will decide to move messages, files, documents
                          of a dialogue with her/his participation
                      together with own messages, files, documents
                    from Free Overground
                              to a Confidential Underground Space
                    for the agreed focused improving of own documents
                           and the related messages, files, documents,
                equipped with forum with global quoting feature,
                         allowing to ramp up the number of forums
                         in common grivitational space
                         to satisfy better the needs of a number
                            of putative Settlement Class Members
                         specified in item 14 (1) of the Order 390
                                               in Russian language,
                and with EDITGIFT channels of communication -
                         for achieving the initial perfectness
                         of the reasonable messages, files, documents,
                    both personalized public
                     and personalized private
                     for exchanging by public and/or not public
                                    messages, files, case documents
                     between an initiator of not public dialogues,
                              a submitter of not public case documents,
                                                       messages, files,
                              not excluding  litigants in the lawsuits
                                             and the attorneys,
                     and the corresponding Judge(s), Mediator(s),
                         Translator(s), Interpreter(s), Clerk(s)
                      in Underground Space,
                         unless the messages, files, documents
                         will be moved from Underground to Overground Space
                         on mutual consent.

    "PLACODES" - Public List of the Approved Centers
                 for Ordinary Downloading the Electronic Samples
                                        of public case documents
                 by those litigants who is capable to register
                                        at the commercial sites
                    and wish (and have an opportunity)
                        to pay the ~In God We Trust~ money
                        for the public case documents which should be
                            accessible to HEBREWs WORLDWIDE for free -
                    both before and after
                         the event of adoption of a Court Order
                         requested by the Request for the Order adoption
                                 delivered to the Court on June 26, 2020.
                 Similar to PACER, for example,
                 mentioned in answer to question 35 of the Long Form Notice
                                                        in Russian language
                 ( or in English ).

    "USA with USSR" - the Universe Settlement Administrator(s)
                      with Undisclosed Sources of Suspicious Reputation
                      on their *Milky Way* in Multi-Planet Litigation.
                      Similar to Heffler.

    "+ USA with USSR" - Public List of the Unapproved Sites [not states]
                               including the websites of USA with USSR.

    "ELASTIC" - Enhanced List of the Approved Sites
                of Trusted Integral (International) Communities,
                like PRODUCTs,
                particularly for the corresponding PSEUDO-SHARPERs
                and their Trusted Settlement Administrators,
                    Translators, Mediators, Representatives,
                    perceiving the corresponding languages.

    "UTOPIA" - Unlimited Time of Own Posts Improving by an Author,
               the inalienable Right of a human.

    "EDITGIFT" - Earth Dialogues Improvement Tool
                 in Grivitational Internet for Finding Truth.

    Hereby I request the Honorable Judge
    to provide without delay
       publishing the links to the corresponding topics
       in Overground of the Court's grivitational forum
       with the ELASTIC
                    and PLACODES
                             and + USA with USSR,
            being updated in time,
       accompanied by the address of the approved channel
                of communication with the Court  directly
                on case a litigant or a Settlement Class Member
                will exhaust the trust to a Settlement Administrator
                          or to the litigation procedure  in a whole,
    on a corresponding additional ~ELASTIC~ tab
       at the website page

    and publishing the link to the ~ELASTIC~ tab
        on the main page of the Settlement Website.

    ~ELASTIC~ tab, linked to on the Settlement Website,
    is needed to still get more information on case documents,
       including information on status of own litigant's requests
                             and possible replies to the requests,
       both public documents in Overground part of the case
        and not public documents in Underground part of the case
                              related to own not public requests,

    because the Settlement Administrator does not provide
                           sufficient updated information -
            in contradiction to conditions of the Agreement 369-2
               formulated, particularly, in answer to question 35
               in "Yahoo Long Form Notice_Russian.pdf"
               and "Yahoo Long Form Notice.pdf" files
               on the Settlement Site:
    35. How do I get more information?
    The Notice summarizes the proposed Settlement.
    More details are in the Settlement Agreement itself.
    You can get a copy of the Settlement Agreement,
    view other case documents,
    and get additional information and updates
    by visiting the Documents page of this Website.

    All of the case documents that have been filed publicly in this case
    are also available online
        through the Court's Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) system
    This case is called In re: Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation,
    and is case number 16-md-02752-LHK.

    You may obtain case documents by visiting the office
    of the Clerk of the Court for the United States District Court
    for the Northern District of California, San Jose Division,
    between 9:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday,
    excluding Court holidays.

    You can also get additional information
    or request a copy of the Settlement Agreement
    by calling toll-free 844-702-2788,
    emailing at,
    or writing to In re: Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation,
    c/o Settlement Administrator, PO Box 1760, Philadelphia, PA, 19105-1760.

    Israeli Phone Number: 1-80-9344112

    The question 35 produced the question:
    ~Where can litigants get a copy of the UPDATED SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT
     and "view other case documents
          and get additional information and updates"
          in sense "view all other public case documents
                   and all own case documents not public
                       with all the related
                            public and not public case documents"
                   free of fee ?~ -
     meaning litigants and Settlement Class Members
             who can not pay, yet,
                 particularly for the PACER access
                 and for traveling to the Court office,
             and can not use snail mail,
             and can not request the UPDATED SETTLEMENT AGREEMENT
                         by calling by phone, being a PSEUDO-SHARPER,
             and has been replied by Heffler
                 from the "" e-mail address.

    Most probably my requests, not excluding this request,
    being transcribed and then translated from Russian not professionally,
    for sure contain mistypes and unclear formulations and therefore
    may require corrections by communicative English speakers,
                                          searching for Truth.
    Therefore the translation of this request in editable redaction
    has been moved to the Overground board of the grivitational forum
             with a hope that next new Mediators of Pastuh
             will add in the prototype of the PRODUCT
             their comments, originally privately,
                   with advises regarding the better description
                                       of the requested PRODUCTs.
    It will be located there .

    Hereby I also request the Honorable Judge
    to obtain on a request of the Court
    at Simple Machines
    the file with the response of a Head of Simple Machines
             in reply to my e-mail message
                         sent on July 15, 2020
                          with subject "Request for translators into"
    and the file with the corresponding Request for translators into

    it is necesary to install approximately
                   three hundred eighty eight million
    similar forums
    with half a million members registered in each forum in average -
    to fit registrations of the expected number
                         of Settlement Class Members
           on distributed grivitational forums,
    so that each litigant or Settlement Class Member
            could speak freely in sense of UTOPIA.

    Thank you for comprehension.