Author Topic: Request for the Acknowledgement of HEBREWs

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Request for the Acknowledgement of HEBREWs
« on: July 01, 2020, 04:01:24 AM »
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    Translation from Russian into English
    of the Transcribed request
           originally in verbal form in Russian language.

    Case No. 16-md-02752-lhk,
    "Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation",
    United States District Court Northern District of California
    San Jose Division,
    Lucy H. Koh, United States District Judge.

    Dear Honorable Judge Lucy H. Koh,

    This request required adding the following Definitions
    (in addition to Definitions in other requests from Pastuh)
    for clarity:
    "HEBREW" - Human, Enlarging the Biosphere Reserves of the Earth

    "Association SMF2+" - [International] Anti-Chutzpah Governing
                 Grivitational Association of HEBREWs' Extensions
                 ~Social Movement for Freedom
                  of Thoughts, Words, Opinions,
                  Preliminarily Located in Underground Space~.

    "HUTSAP" [or "[C]HUTSAP"] - [Consciously] Hated (by humans)
                                Unapproved (Undesirable) Terrible Sharper
                                (Scorned Scoundrel) (Source of Swindle)
                                Aspired to Provocations.

    Once the abbreviation "HUTSAP" has been added -
    nickname Pastuh may be reasonably considered
    as a synonym to nickname Anti-Hutsap.

    Summarizing some arguments
    provided by requests from the Settlement Class Members,
                         being illegally detained in Russia,
                         mostly PSEUDO-SHARPERs, speaking Russian,
             having been delivered to the Association SMF2+, -

    I have to report to the Honorable Judge
    that on the background of the Worldwide spreading
         of the COVID-19 pandemic, which seems is not a joke,
         during a period since March 20, 2020 up to July 1, 2020
         Authorities in Russia were holding a special operation
         of preparation to Voting for doing something
            with the Constitution of Russian Federation
            by voters which do not understand
               what namely they were suggested to vote for -
               either for approving the corrections
                      or for approving the changes
                   of the Constitution's basic provisions,
               or for approving in general the voting procedures
                                 without the disapproving option,
         in coordination with the logic of the current edition
            of the Order 390 in Russian language,
               having allowed arbitrary interpretation
               of the texts of laws and Court Orders,
                  including the Order 390 itself, in any language.

    An indefinite number of Settlement Class Members
                              and HEBREWs among them,
                  being illegally detained in Russia,
       do legally not possess valid documents
          for identification of the personality of a human,
              regardless of the absence of any judicial relations
              between a human and local organizations
                      pretending in being a patronizing state,
       which would have been acknowledged unconditionally
             by the commercial organization "Russian Federation",
                    currently dominating in Russia as a leader
                          in production and spreading Chutzpah,
             and, as a consequence, it is hard to reproduce data
                  from the compromised identification documents
                  to the courts, not excluding California courts,
                  especially within the Forms translated to Russian
                      with low quality of translations in key parts,
                           bordering with a crime,
                      predominantly because of the peculiarities
                      of Russian language and Chutzpah
                      being delivered from Russia to America -
                      by criminals and/or intellectually underdeveloped
                                          official representatives.

    After the special operation of Voting
    the Settlement Class Members in Russia,
    who did not inherit from their ancestors
    a Faith in God, even a Faith in Existence of a God,
    have lost a practical prospect of reasonable communications
                          with Russian Federation in a whole,
         along with a prospect of obtaining from Russian Federation
               the appropriate document identifying the personality
               of a human, not a participant of the updated Constitution,
                           not a citizen of Russian Federation,
    and it became else more difficult for them to submit requests,
                            particularly on issuing copies of documents,
                            needed for the court consideration.

    Therefore, hereby I am requesting the Honorable Judge
    to provide the bilingual (English-Russian)
               Authorized Certified American Notaries Public
       for traveling to Russia, accompanied by the guard,
       with the Mission of Meetings with each Settlement Class Member,
            having suffered from Chutzpah, including Chutzpah
                            in the recent operations of Voting,
            at the predefined places of the detention
                           of Settlement Class Members
           and identifying their personality on base of documents in hands
               and/or copies of documents be obtained on requests
               of the bilingual Authorized American Notary Public in Russia
           and creation of the corresponding Notary Certificates of Identity,
               regardless of the fact of the lost citizenship
                             by the mentioned Settlement Class Members
               or, in other words, regardless of the acquisition
                           of Freedom and Independence of humans
                           from their possible recent involvement into
                           activities of the suspicious groups of HUTSAPs,
           appropriate both for presenting the Certificates of Identity
                                at the courts Hearings
           and for safe reasonable filling the Forms like
               "Yahoo Basic Account-Holder Claim Form_Russian.pdf"
               in accordance with the data in the Certificate of Identity.

    The places and time of Meetings should be coordinated in advance
                        via the confidential channels of communication
                                                      with humans.

    Hereby I am requesting the Honorable Judge
    to obtain on requests of the Court,
       probably by means of Mediation by the trusted bilingual
                            Authorized American Notaries Public
                            traveling with a Mission to Russia, -
       the certified copy of the Ruling
           of the Central Election Committee of Russian Federation
           dated March 20, 2020 No. 244/1804-7,
       the certified copy of the Ruling
           of the Central Election Committee of Russian Federation
           dated June 2, 2020 No. 250/1840-7,
       the certified copy of the document
       "Глобальный институт биологии "Теча" (Чигрин А.).
        Записка со счетами о долге Президента РФ
        в сумме 3 906 083 652 рубля 57 коп." dated December 24, 1991
       ( ) с Приложениями,
       the certified copy of the Decision of the Moscow city court
                             dated May 24, 1991 on case 33-2594/91,

    and to attach the certified copies to the court stuff
    and afterwards to send the files with the images
                        of the certified copies filed -
        to me via the predefined channel of communication.

    The copies will allow, hopefully, both to reveal Chutzpah
                           in Voting procedure on July 1, 2020,
               and to declare the whole Voting procedure on July 1, 2020
                      illegal, after announcing the Order 390
                      as having been invalid since the date of its adoption,
        and to eliminate, partially, obstacles to identification
               of the indefinite number of Settlement Class Members
                                           detained in Russia,
               and to filling the Forms by Settlement Class Members
                                            identified in Russia
                      with definite approved data confirmed by
                      the valid Notary Certificates of Human's Identity
                      without a risk of being punished for saying Truth
                                     at least by a California Court.

    Anyway I am requesting for creation of the alternative Forms
                                    elaborated for honest humans
           with the text (on an example of the Form
                "Yahoo Basic Account-Holder Claim Form_Russian.pdf")
           like "Настоящим я подтверждаю, что информация,
                 предоставленная мной в настоящей Форме Требования,
                 не является достоверной и точной,
                       насколько мне это известно."

        with the words "под страхом наказания за лжесвидетельство"
                 removed from the alternative Forms
        for honest humans, not only for PSEUDO-SHARPERs, speaking Russian,
        because honest humans can not experience a feeling
                       of being under a fear of penalty for perjury.
        Perjury option just does not exist for honest humans,
        in my own opinion, based on my own feelings and experience.

    The e-mail message of the bilingual Certified Notary Public
        Yan Shlyakhovsky ( )
        in reply to my request with subject "Request for Mediation"
                                             dated April 27, 2020,
    was not delivered to my e-mail address (maybe compromised),
    therefore I am requesting the Honorable Judge
              to obtain the file with the text of the reply message
                                                of Yan Shlyakhovsky
              by means of the court request by e-mail
    and to Mediate my following dialogue with Yan Shlyakhovsky,
           otherwise my dialogue with another bilingual Notary Public.

    Thank you.