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Request for the Order adoption
« on: June 24, 2020, 08:26:19 PM »
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    Translation of the Transcription of the verbal request.

    Case No. 16-md-02752-lhk,
    "Yahoo! Inc. Customer Data Security Breach Litigation",
    United States District Court Northern District of California
    San Jose Division,
    Lucy H. Koh, United States District Judge.

    Dear Honorable Judge Lucy H. Koh,

    In relation to the indefiniteness of the destination
           Document 390 Filed 07/20/19 (hereinafter Order 390)
    at least for few individuals identified as
                 the Settlement Class Members
       in comparison with the expected number
       of the Settlement Class Members in the litigation in a whole,
       numbered by item 14 (1) of the Order 390 in English language,
                by item 14 (1) of the Order 390 in Russian language,
                by item 14 (1) of the Order 390 in Spanish language,

    and in relation to the insistence of the courts of California
        on paying money as a condition for participation in the lawsuits
                  for those litigants not exempted from obligation to pay,
        particularly paying for services of the interpreters -
           Certified or Professionally Qualified or Language-Skilled
                            and for services of the translators,
        and paying for ordering the Transcripts files
        and paying for getting files of electronic court documents
                   or paper copies of the court documents,
                      certified properly by county clerks
             "Government Code 27293 permits California county clerks
             to certify documents translated into English
             only if the document has been translated by
             American Translators Association certified translators,
             California Certified Court Interpreters,
             or California Registered Interpreters.
             California Certified Court or Registered Interpreters
             are authorized in a judicial proceeding to interpret orally
             the verbal content of documents,
             but the Judicial Council does not otherwise test or certify
             an interpreter's written translation skills."),

    I am hereby requesting the Honorable Judge
      for the adoption without delay
      of a Court Order stating and confirming that
      in strict fulfillment of the Order 390
      any individual equally, regardless of nationality or spoken language
                     or skin color or appearance or other differences,
                     wherever individual is being detained
                              or is being found or not found,
                     everywhere as a person before the law
                     (art. 6, Universal Declaration of Human Rights), -
      may safely interpret any texts, not excluding the text of any Law
                                      and the text of any Court Order
                                      and the text of any Declaration,
          arbitrarily on his/her own discretion,
      and, hence, that the text "In God We Trust"..
                  of the beginning of the disputable motto,
                     which fits in restricted size
                     of the paper currency of U.S. dollars
                     and of the coins, -
           may be freely interpreted by an Individual
              as ~In God We Trust or In God We Do Not Trust
                  or We are Choosing to Trust or Not to Trust
                  depending on what will be more safe or profitable
                  for an Individual,
                  depending on or not depending on what Faith
                  an Individual did inherit from his/her own ancestors,
                  and depending on whether a corresponding judge
                  In God Trusts or In God does Not Trust
                  or is Choosing what will be more safe or profitable
                  for a judge personally -
                  either in God to Trust or In God Not to Trust
                      or to Trust in Freedom of Choosing of True Mottoes
                            instead of Trusting in Freedom of Chousing
                         or in whatever a judge will wish~,

           or, alternatively, may be just ignored safely, -

    thus to eliminate a one obstacle for earning money and paying money
                        for those Humans Choosing not to Chouse
            and not to be suspected in Trusting in God
                       in case of their decision to actually pay
                       by means of the currency
                       with only the beginning of the disputable motto
                       on the bills and the coins.

    On June 18, 2020 the Court held via Zoom webinar
                     in American English (supposedly)
    the Hearing devoted to discussion of the edition of the Order 390
                                             in Hebrew.

    Therefore I am requesting the Honorable Judge
    to inform without delay me personally,
                            at least by e-mail for the beginning,
    and to notify the parties, including all sorts
                  of the Settlement Class Members in the litigation,
        numbered by item 14 (1) of the Order 390 in English language,
                 by item 14 (1) of the Order 390 in Russian language,
                 by item 14 (1) of the Order 390 in Spanish language, -
    when the Hearings devoted to
             discussion of the Order 390 in English language,
             discussion of the Order 390 in Russian language,
             discussion of the Order 390 in Spanish language
             and discussion of the Order 390 in Arabic language
         are planned to be held even via the Zoom webinars
             and even in American English within the proceedings
                      without the provided interpreters
                      for litigants not perceiving English.

    Please inform me personally via the predefined
                     channel for confidential communication -
           are You In God Trusting
           or are You In God Not Trusting, currently,

           and tell me is 3 (three) more than 1 (one)
                    or is 3 (three) less than 1 (one),
               in your opinion ?

    I remind You that I am speaking Russian, originally.

    For clarity on the current stage of the litigation -
    you may consider my nickname "Pastuh" as the derivative
        from the abbreviation "PASTUH(C)" with its standing for
                 ~Person Actively Searching for Truth
                      in Undisclosed Hutsaps' Chutzpah.~

    Thank you for comprehension.