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Request for Mediation
« on: June 21, 2020, 10:14:14 PM »
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    The e-mail message with the following translation
    of the text transcribed from the original request
                   in verbal form in Russian language
    into English language

    has been sent by Pastuh
    to the e-mail address of Mr. John A. Yanchunis
         (suspicious Lead Settlement Class Counsel)
    on June 21, 2020

    after the Hearing on June 18, 2020, which appeared to be suspicious,

    with the purpose of providing the conditions of disputing
             on the Settlement EDITGIFT forum of the SMF2+
             Anti-Chutzpah Governing Grivitational Association
         within a community of the victims of the suspicious litigation
         both publicly and preliminarily privately,
                           in different languages of the Earth,
         in fulfillment of the court Orders in reasonable and legal part, -

    the content of the suspicious documents
        having been uploaded to the Settlement Website
            of the suspicious Settlement Administrator
        and the content of the documents not being uploaded
                by the suspicious Settlement Administrator
                to the Settlement Website.

    [Subject:] Request for Mediation

    [Body:] Hello, Mr. John A. Yanchunis.

    Probably now, after the Hearing on June 18, 2020
                        (on Case No. 16-MD-02752-LHK)
                            via Zoom webinar,
    you will agree to confirm the operability
    of the communication channel between our e-mail addresses

    and to proceed to fulfilling obligations specified by
        item 1.10 of the current edition of the translation
                           (Document 369-2  Filed 04/09/19)
            to Russian language

    and to Mediate to the Chair of the Implementation Task Force
                                              on Language Access
                   via e-mail address
                               according to Language Access Plan
                                       Implementation Task Force
                               at .

    Reply from your preferable personal e-mail address
    without delay, please,

    and provide the bidirectional interpreters
                       (otherwise translators)
        from Russian (at least),
             and (afterwards) Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic,
             into English and back
        for sharing the Opinions by the readers
            of the documents uploaded to the Administrator Site
            in their corresponding native languages
         in the following expected disputes
            with participation of the Honorable Judge Lucy Haeran Koh,
                 the Chair of the Judicial Council of California,
                 and some other officials.

    Thank you.