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Request for Transcription
« on: June 19, 2020, 09:07:18 AM »
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  • Hello, Kassandra Dibble.

    Thank you a lot for promotion of me
    to a participant of the hearing on June 18, 2020
    and please pre-register Pastuh for promotion on the next hearing,
        hopefully with the participation of the appropriate interpreters
                           into/from Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian,
        provided by the Chair of the Implementation Task Force on Language Access
        for the civil case.

    Due to the interruption in the hearing
    you made sure that i am not speaking English, verbally,
    and badly perceive the verbal English speech.

    One communicative participant helped you
    to understand my speech in not my native language.
    Unfortunately i did not notice who he was namely.
    Who was he ? Can you ask him to get in touch with me
                 via the link in the last name of my nickname
                                               at the hearing ?

    Probably he may occur to be a good mediator
    between me and you, and between me and the Honorable Judge,
    and between me and the Chair of the Implementation Task Force on Language Access,
    before the next hearing.

    Please quote, in written form, the reply of the Honorable Judge
                  to my question at the end of the hearing:
          "Is there a possibility for me
           to speak with the Honorable Judge in a separate [Court] Room ?"

    She was speaking in reply to my question too quickly for my brain,
    i did understand only the essential "No"
      but not the details of her possible suggestion of the alternative.

    I assume that the Transcription of the hearing exists (will be formed).
    Can you send me the file with the Transcription of the hearing
    as soon as practicable ? Even in English only, first.
    Because i understood (almost) nothing in verbal speech at the hearing
    and because i still suspect that the participants were pronouncing
                   and proposing to the Honorable Judge at the hearing
                       the arguments in contradiction to the Order 390,
                       consisting of more than one document
                                               in Hebrew language only.

    For clarity on the current stage of the litigation
                   after the previous hearing,
    you may consider the nickname Pastuh as the derivative
        from the abbreviation "PASTUH(C)" with its additional standing for
             ~Putative Author Speaking Truth -
              to Underline the Hidden Chutzpah-Chousing-Cheating.~

    Thank you.