Author Topic: EDITGIFT in opposition to emailing

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EDITGIFT in opposition to emailing
« on: February 16, 2017, 03:53:30 AM »
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  • Human International Peaceful Association SMF2+

    presents the ~Earth Dialogues Improvement Tool
                  in Grivitational Internet for Finding Truth~

    both to Humanity and to all citizens of any nationality.

    EDITGIFT includes the following main advantages currently:

    - UTOPIA (Unlimited Time of Own Posts Improving by an Author)
      both in Private and Public Dialogues and Discussions;

    - GRI-Quoting within a space of particular forums REALPOWERED by EDITGIFT;

    - Topic Author's priority of permissions within own topics
                              (including splitting/merging,
                               safe due to Integrity provided by GRI-Quoting);

    - Secured (SSL) connection to the forum;

    - Excluding posts content from email notifications
                (for members who decided to subscribe to notifications).

    Therefore other tools for textual communications,
              not allowing to modify own messages
                  (like e-mailing, on-line contact forms, moderated forums),
              or placed on servers of perlustrated corporations
                 requiring identification of an author for the guessed purpose, -
    are becoming useless and prehistoric in sense of the Humans Rights Paradigm,
          though are still remaining less reliable but more harmful and dangerous.

    Welcome to the REALPOWERED forums
               and Good Luck with GRI-Quotes taken from public boards
                               of EDITGIFT forums without the borders.