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Unlimited Own Posts Editing Time Declaration



--- Quote from: Mediator ---I solemnly swear
that I will never attempt to take away anyone's Right
on ~Unlimited Time of Own Posts Improving by an Author~ ("UTOPIA")
due to the possibility of endless editing of posts
                       on authors' own discretion.

The forum setting "Time of Own Posts Improving Clarity"
will forever remain equal to "Unlimited",
                              the default value
                              in original forum software.

Similar forums
providing the ~Right on Endless Access to
               and Limitless Perfection of Own Words
               being Edited on Responsible Editors' Discretion~
due to the EDITGIFT -

may be branded as "REALPOWERED by EDITGIFT" -
       to distinguish themselves
          from Synanhums' forums abusing the UTOPIA Humans Right.

--- End quote ---


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